Nathan The Photographer

Nathan The Photographer is a rising photographer based out of Lebanon, Oregon.

Ever since he could remember, Nathan has had an obsession with photography, and the ability to capture moments in time to reflect on later.

“It all started with my grandmother’s 35mm film slide collections. We would hang a sheet on the wall, grab the slide projector, and take a trip down her memory lane. To this day, I still remember being so impressed that she had taken these photos, and many years later she’s still able to see them, and reflect on the memories. That’s what started my obsession with photography.”

Being a child of the early 90’s, Nathan has seen a lot of growth of photography, from starting with his first disposable 35mm cameras, to his first Nikon D-series camera, and all the in-betweens. It has truly cemented his gratitude and appreciation for modern day photography and the simplicity of his equipment.

If you fast forward many years from when Nathan was a little guy carrying around an empty camera pretending to take photos, to where he stands today; you will meet an all around pretty normal photographer. Continuing to push himself further and further whenever he finds a chance, Nathan has added many photos to his portfolio, some of which you can view on his site.

Featured in articles, recipient of awards, and countless county fair ribbons; Nathan has started to have his photography gain notice and admiration from people around the world.

Previously, Nathan taught his second photography course to high school students. “I’m excited to teach again. My last class was a lot of fun for me, and I know my students enjoyed it as well. It’s a great feeling to know that they learned a lot and can continue to use their skills over their lifetime. To me, that is what matters, to not only give them some knowledge, but for them to retain that knowledge, and so far they have seemed to.”

Nathan continues to take photos and add them to his website. So be sure to check back on a daily basis, and even subscribe for automatic updates when a new photo is posted.